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NY Times claims involvment of Geo's employee in Mehran Base Attack

WASHINGTON: A series of one after another revelations, is continued regarding the attack on renowned journalist Hamid Mir. This time it is the New York (NY) Times that has claimed that one of the attackers involved in the Mehran Base Attack, was an employee of Geo TV Network – ARY News reports.

According to details, a report of NY Times dated April 26, claimed that an employee of Geo TV Network was involved in the Mehran Base Attack in Karachi in June, 2011. He was identified during the investigations of the attack.

Quoting a current Geo manager, the report mentions that someone from inside had leaked out the information, when Geo reporter Wali Babar was killed in 2010.

Another former manager of Geo, told NY Times that a junior reporter planted by a banned organization, was involved in setting a murder plot of a news editor and a prominent talk show host at the station and the plot was foiled when the reporter confessed.



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