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By-election results: PTI, PML-N win four NA seats each, PML-Q takes two


ISLAMABAD/LAHORE/KARACHI: By-polls in 35 constituencies of national and provincial assemblies were held across the country on Sunday.

370 candidates were in run for by-elections in 35 constituencies of national and provincial assemblies, out of which 218 candidates had contested from Punjab, 57 from Sindh, 59 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 36 from Balochistan.

As unofficial results started pouring in after conclusion of the polling process, it emerged that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have managed to grab four NA seats each while PML-Q surprised everyone by winning two NA seats. MMA’s Zahid Durrani emerged victorious from NA-35 Bannu.

Polling was carried out without any interruption from 8am to 5pm.

For the first time overseas Pakistanis also exercised their right to vote through i-voting.The ECP had launched the Overseas Voting System on September 1 for today’s by-elections.

Out of 790,000 Pakistanis living abroad, of which 631,909 were eligible for i-voting, only 7,419 people registered to vote out of which 85 percent voted in today’s by-polls.

Here are the unofficial/provisional results as reported by ARY News



NA-35 Bannu

 JUI-F’s Zahid Akram Durrani wins with 54,211 votes against PTI’s Naseem Ali Shah who managed to secure 33,811 votes.

NA-35 Islamabad-II

PTI candidate Ali Nawaz Awan wins by securing 56, 664 votes against PML-N ‘s Waqar Ahmed who managed to get 32, 171 votes. PM Imran Khan vacated this seat.

NA-56 Attock-II

Malik Sohail Khan of PML-N wins by securing 125, 665 votes against PTI’s Malik Khurram Ali who managed to get 89,709 votes.

NA-60 Rawalpindi-IV

Sheikh Rashid Shafiq wins by securing 44, 283 against PML-N’s Sajjad Khan who secured secured 35,792 votes

NA-63 Rawalpindi

PTI’s Mansoor Hayat Khan emerged victorious with 71782 votes. He was followed by PML-N’s Aqeel Malik who secured 45490 votes.

NA-65 Chakwal-II

PML-Q’s Chaudhry Salik Hussain wins by-polls with 98, 364 votes against Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan’s candidate who bagged 34, 811 votes.

NA-69 Gujrat-II

PML-Q leader Moonis Elahi wins by 61, 763 votes against PML-N candidate against Imran Zafar who bagged 19, 867 votes.

NA-103 Faisalabad-III

PML-N’s Gohar Ali Khan wins with 76626 votes, followed by PTI’s Mohammad Saadullah who secured 63583 votes.

NA-124 Lahore-II

PML-N leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi wins by securing 75, 012 votes against PTI’s Ghulam Mahiuddin who stood second with 30, 115 votes.  

NA-131 Lahore-IX

PML-N’s Khawaja Saad Rafique wins by getting 60, 476 votes against PTI’s Humayun Akhtar who secured 50, 245 votes.

NA-243 Karachi East-II

PTI leader Muhammad Alamgir Khan wins by securing 35, 727 votes againts MQM’s Amir Chishti who only managed to grab 15, 113 votes.


PK-3 Swat-II

PML-N’s Sardar Khan wins by securing 16, 824 votes, followed by PTI’s Sajid Ali who managed to get  15911 votes.

PK-7 Swat-VI

Awami National Party (ANP) candidate Waqar Ahmed wins by securing 13, 997 votes, PTI’s Fazal Maula followed Khan with 13425 votes.

PK-44 Swabi-II

PTI’s Aqibullah Khan wins by bagging 18,676 votes, followed by ANP’s Ghulam Hassan, who secured 17,067 votes.

PK-53 Mardan-VI

PTI’s Muhammad Abdul Salam wins by securing 19, 377 votes followed by ANP’s Ahmed Khan who bagged 19, 318 votes.

PK-61 Nowshera-I

PTI’s Mohammad Ibrahim Khattak wins by securing 14,557 votes  ANP’s Noor Alam Khan with 9282 votes.

PK-64 Nowshera-IV

PTI’s Liaquat Khan wins by securing 22,775 votes against ANP’s Mohammad Shahid who bagged 9560 votes.

PK-78 Peshawar-XIII

Late Haroon Bilour’s widow, ANP’s Samar Bilour wins by getting 20, 916 votes against PTI’s Muhammad Irfan who managed to secure 16, 819 votes.

PK-97 DI Khan-III

PTI’s Faisal Amin Khan wins by securing 18,170 votes, followed by PPP’s Farhan Afzal Malik, who secured 7,609 votes

PK-99 DI Khan-V

PTI’s Aghaz Ikramullah Gandapur wins by securing 30330 votes followed by Independent candidate Fatehullah Khan who bagged 22,825 votes.


PP-3 Attock-III

PML-N’s Iftikhar Ahmed Khan wins by securing 43, 259 votes against PTI’s Muhammad Akbar Khan who managed to get 43, 032 votes.

PP-27 Jhelum-III

PML-N’s Nasir Mehmood wins by bagging 61, 542 votes. PTI’s Shahnawaz Raja stood runner-up with 60886 votes.

PP-103 Faisalabad-VII

PML-N’s Jafar Ali wins by securing 39841 votes. Hewas followed by PTI’s Shamsher Haider who attained 33209 votes.


PP-118 Toba Tek Singh-I

Independent candidate Chaudhry Bilal Asghar wins by securing 35,320 votes against PTI’s  Asad Zaman.

PP-164 Lahore-XXI

PML-N’s Sohail Shaukat Butt wins after getting 31099 votes against PTI’s Yousuf Ali who bagged 23591 votes.

PP-165 Lahore-XXII

PML-N’s Malik Saif ul Muloon wins by securing 28,589 votes against PML-N candidate Mohammad Mansha Sindhu who secured 23,149 votes.

PP-201 Sahiwal-VI

PTI’s Samsam Bukhari wins by securing 58280 votes against by PML-N’s Muhammad Tufail, who attained 51622 votes.

PP-222 Multan-XII

Independent candidate Qasim Abbas Khan wins by-election by bagging 38327 votes. PTI’s Sohail Ahmed Noon followed with 31893 votes.

PP-261 Rahim Yar Khan-VII

PTI’s Fawad Ahmed wins by securing 29526 votes against PPP’s Hasan Raza Hashmi who secured 14996 votes.

PP-272 Muzaffargarh-V

PTI’s Zehra Batool wins by securing 2401 votes, followed by independent candidate Syed Haroon Ahmed Sultan.

PP-292 DG Khan-VIII

PML-N’s Owais Leghari wins by securing 31،845 votes against PTI candidate Maqsood Khan Leghari who secured 21938 votes.


PS-87 Malir-I

PPP’s Mohammad Sajid wins by securing 32566 votes against PTI’s Qadir Bux Khan Gabol who attained 12341 votes.

PS-30 Khairpur-V

PPP’s Syed Ahmed Raza Shah Jilani won by securing 36890 votes. Jilani was followed by GDA’s Syed Muharram Ali Shah with 21200 votes.


PB-35 Mastung

Independent candidate Aslam Raisani wins by securing 14,711 votes. BAP’s Sardar Noor Ahmed stood runner-up with 9610 votes.

PB-40 Khuzdar-II

BNP’s Mohammad Akbar wins by securing 23,722 votes, followed by independent candidate Mir Shafiqur Rehman Mengal, who secured 14312 votes.

ECP spokesman speaks to media

Dismissing rumours of malfunction or failure, Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) spokesperson Nadeem Qasim told media that no complaints were received regarding the election process and the Result Transmission System (RTS) was working up to the mark.

Nadeem Qasim said that 95 percent results have been received so far through Result Transfer System (RTS).

He said that results of Lahore and Rawalpindi also being tabulated.

He tiold media that 85 percent of overseas Pakistanis first ever have utilized their right of vote in by-elections through i-voting system. He said election commission of Pakistan will decide about inclusion of these votes in result tabulation.

It is pertinent to mention here that two candidates have already been elected as unopposed on PP-87 Mianwali-III and PP-296 Rajan Pur-IV.

Most of the seats on which by-polls were held on Sunday were vacated by those elected on more than one seat in the July 25 general elections, including Prime Minister Imran Khan who won in all the five NA constituencies he had contested.

The final list of candidates issued by the ECP showed a total of 370 candidates were in the run — 120 for 11 NA seats (eight in Punjab, and one each in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and Islamabad) and 250 for 24 provincial assembly seats (11 in Punjab, nine in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and two each in Sindh and Balochistan).



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