Thursday, October 6, 2022

Omar Ayub holds talks with IPPs to lower power tariff   


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Power Division Omar Ayub Khan on Monday held talks with the independent power producers (IPPs) and discussed the issues pertaining to lowering power tariff of the electricity produced by them, ARY NEWS reported citing sources.

According to details, the federal minister was briefed during the meeting that there overall 124 power plants producing electricity from wind energy remained operational in the country. “They produce 1236 megawatts of electricity,” they said.

It was briefed that solar power plants were also producing 436 megawatt electricity while power plants installed at sugar mills were also adding to the energy needs of the country.

The two sides discussed the revenue generated from the plants and lowering of their power tariff.

On April 17, a major progress was made in dialogues between the power division and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) for controlling the electricity tariff.

The federal government and IPPs have decided to constiute a technical team for the reduction of electricity tariff. The committee will be comprised of the representatives of Power Division and IPPs.

Moreover, the private sector showed agreement to review capacity payment system during the dialogues held under Power Policy 1994 and 2002.

It is also decided that the committee will be activated immediately to present a report within a few week.

Federal Minister for Energy Omar Ayub reppresented the federal government in the dialogues with the power providers.

Omar Ayub said that power tariff was continuously increased during the last few years. He urged for the need of holding talks with the IPPs over electricity tariff.


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