Monday, May 23, 2022

Only Pakistan Army, PTI are keeping the country intact: Imran Khan


Jehlum: Chairman PTI said that Narendra Modi did not dare to speak against the Pakistan Army as long as he was in power. Only PTI and the Pakistan Army are keeping the country intact, he said addressing a public gathering in Jehlum.

Addressing the public at the public demonstration in Jehlum Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan said that it happens seldom in a nation’s history that it decides to fight for its independence.

He thanked the people of Jehlum for their overwhelming welcome of him and his party, he specifically appreciated the participation of women and children in the demonstration.

The former Premier said that an American under Secretary warned Paksitan about grave consequences if the PTI government remains in power and if it is removed then all will be forgiven. The elected Prime Minister of 220 million people was ousted by a foreign conspiracy and the most corrupt people of the country are installed as rulers, he pointed out. But the induction of the corrupt elite once again has woken up our nation, he said.

Taking to JUI-F leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman he said that the JUI-F chief took the communications ministry to make money out of road and construction tenders.

He said that the whole new cabinet is full of absconders and accused including Shehbaz Shareef and Zardari. The PML-N leadership is going to meet their absconder leader with the taxpayers’ money, he said.

Imran Khan said that Shehbaz Shareef should be ashamed of accusing him of insulting the Army. Shehbaz Shareef and his brothers are the real Mir Jaffer and Mir Sadiq, he clarified.

The PTI chairman said that it is Paksitan Army and the PTI that is keeping the country intact, which is why our enemies campaign against us both.

PTI is the only federal party that can do powerful public displays across the country. All other parties combined cannot fill the Minar-e-Pakistan.

Imran Khan said that his everything is in the country, and he wishes that the government puts him on the Exit Control List (ECL), because he does not wish to escape the country.

He said that Nawaz Shareef made 24, while Zardari made 50 personal visits on taxpayers’ money when they were in power.

He said that he would soon come to Sindh and free the people of Sindh from the corrupt mafia of Asif Zardari.

He said that Modi did not dare speak against our army as long as he was in power, yet Shehbaz Shareef accuses him of insulting the Army.

Russia was willing to provide us oil and wheat at 30% lesser prices when he visited Russia, he claimed. Can Shehbaz dare to make such a deal with Russia?.

He added that he would give the call to Islamabad after May 20, claiming that not 2 but 2.5 million people would march towards Islamabad on his call.

He said he felt the most ashamed when he had to ask for money from other countries during his tenure, but he had to do it because we did not have money to repay our debts.

The PTI chairman said that it was these corrupt politicians who plundered Pakistan into such heavy debts and laundered huge amounts of money out of the country.

Vice-Chairman of PTI Shah Mehmood Qureshi thanked the people of Jehlum for such a warm welcome. If the threatening letter was fake then why was the American ambassador summoned, and discussed twice in the National Security Committee, he questioned the government.

He said that there were 8 attacks on the Al-Aqsa mosque in the holy month of Ramazan, and unarmed Palestinians were shot by Israeli forces, did the foreign minister respond to them?. He said that Pakistan is suffering from water shortages but India refuses to talk about the issue with Pakistan. Why don’t Bilawal Bhutto and Hina Rabbani Khar address the issue? he questioned.


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