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Optical illusion-based personality test will reveal your introverted traits


A personality test based on an optical illusion will reveal your introverted traits that ruin a relationship.

A secret introverted trait (or the plural of it) could be all that stands in your way of a successful relationship. But the first step towards getting that landmine out of the way, especially if you can’t afford therapy, would be a little introspection, right?

How about based on what you see first in an optical illusion, a personality test reveals the introverted trait sinking your ship?

It’s possible. It’s common knowledge that there’s usually a lot more going on in an optical illusion than what first meets the eye. But, the purpose of some of these pictures runs deeper than just tickling your brain.

How you interpret one can give away your thought processes and that’s what this personality test is all about.

Look at the picture below and remember what you see first in this terrific painting because it will determine what’s ruining your relationship, according to

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What did you see?

The skull

For observers who first noticed the illusion of a skull in this personality test, experts say your secret introverted trait ruining your relationships is your need for silence.

You’re entitled to that hard-earned downtime and you really shouldn’t have to explain yourself, but just, for once, be clear about it with your partner so they know better than to take it personally.

The hooded figure

Your secret introverted trait is your “intense passion” for privacy if you first spotted the hooded figure in this optical illusion.

“Having your privacy respected is critical for you, though you might be overly wary of admitting this for fear it could push a potential partner away,” experts observe.

However, not giving people something that they never asked for won’t drive a love interest away.

The blades

Noticing the blades first indicates your hidden introverted trait is going mad if you can’t catch a break.

Given how fatigued you are, you sometimes need a break after a vacation but it’s not really something to blame yourself for.

A personality like you anyway accepts more invitations than you think and not showing up once at a party won’t be as big a deal as it may appear to be.


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