Monday, September 26, 2022

Optical illusion: Can you spot the hidden crabs in 11 seconds?


Optical illusions could be mind-boggling and this one showing four crabs hiding in the ocean bed full of lobsters, starfish and snails has baffled the netizens.

This optical illusion was designed by the Hungarian artist and illustrator Gergely Dudás.
Look at the picture below. What do you see?
Optical illusion

The picture shows you lots of lobsters. You can also see some starfish and snails. Now, let’s get on to your task. You have to find the four hidden crabs among the lobsters in 11 seconds. Sounds simple? Let’s get started!

Did you manage to spot at least one?  Do you need any clues?

One of the crabs is at the bottom.

We think you need one more hint. Look to your top right!

Look below! Your answers are waiting for you!

Optical illusion


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