Saturday, October 23, 2021

This optical illusion viral photo will leave you scratching your heads


Optical illusions have the ability to really mess with your brain. There are times when a picture comes along and it looks so much like what you think it is that it takes a bunch of convincing to realize that you might be mistaken. This one is sure to get your brain cells firing.

This photo, posted on Reddit last month, appears, at first glance, to show a half-sunken boat, submerged in a river. Many people said they were worried for any passengers on the ill-fated boat.

But, as the photographer explained, this scene is nothing like the Titanic.

“My broken antenna on my car looks like a half-sunken boat,” revealed the man who shared it on the internet.

If you were fooled by it, you’re not alone. One commenter wrote, “I glanced at the title and looked at the pic. Then I wondered how anything about an antenna could supersede that fact that this boat was completely underwater.

Others admitted they were “embarrassed at how long that took”, in terms of figuring it out.

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