Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Orange exports to be marked at 300 thousand tons


Islamabad: In the current season the exports of oranges are expected to be around 3 hundred thousand tons. Through these exports the foreign exchange of 180 million dollars will be generated.

According to the spokesperson of Fruit Exporters Association Wahid Ahmed, the exports of oranges will start from 1st December. Current year the growth of oranges is recorded at 21 lakh tons. If after the World Economic Sanctions imposed on Iran the local banks allow banking facilities with Iran  than the orange exports can cross 3 lakh tons.

In case of no access to the Iranian market than Pakistan might have to face a loss of 40 million dollars. Wahid Ahmed further said that to achieve the current export target of oranges it is necessary to end the sanctions imposed by Russia. In this regard the Federal Ministry of National Food Security and Research is in contact with Russian officials. But this process should be completed as soon as possible.


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