Thursday, October 6, 2022

Pakistan Army rescues stranded mountaineers in Ghizer valley


GILGIT: Pakistan Army on Tuesday rescued four Italian and two Pakistani climbers stranded after being hit by an avalanche in Ghizer valley of Gilgit-Baltistan, ARY News reported.   

According to the details, an army helicopter airlifted the stranded mountaineers from a mountain at the altitude of 5,000 metres in Ishkoman Valley and shifted them to hospital for medical treatment.

The Pakistan-Italian friendship expedition team was comprised of four Italian, two Pakistani women climbers and a local guide. The guide was killed during the snow avalanche and the team stranded on the mountain at the altitude of 5,000 metres.

Sources said that the team had started their journey to climb a mountain in Hindukush mountain range on June 2.

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Earlier on January 29, the Pakistan Army had rescued two Spanish mountaineers from K-2 base under extreme harsh weather conditions.

Rescued mountaineers, Jon Barredo and Eva Robles had thanked the armed forces of Pakistan for saving their lives.

Pakistan’s second highest peak, K-2,  is 28,251 feet high. It is located in the Karakorum Mountains along the border between China and Pakistan which is infamous for high winds, steep icy slopes and high fatality rates for climbers.


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