Saturday, October 8, 2022

Pakistan Day: A day to be proud of!


Pakistan was not handed its independence on a silver platter. The nuclear armed nation that can proudly boast of its own identity today with a distinct set of cultures, traditions, languages, ideals, religion and beliefs, had to struggle for these rights. Pakistan gained independence from the clutches of the British on 14th August 1947 yet it was the famous Lahore Resolution which pointed out the direction.

On 23rd march 1940, the All-India Muslim League held a convention in Lahore and decided to push for a resolution drafted by the Muslim League Working Committee, demanding autonomy for Muslim majority provinces in the sub-continent. This was held at the Minto Park at the time and several years later, on this very spot, a towering structure known as the Minar-e-Pakistan, was built to commemorate this historic occasion.

Interestingly, nowhere was the name of Pakistan mentioned in the draft yet it was seen mostly by the Hindus and Britishers in British India as a call for a separate state for Muslims. After this resolution was passed, the All-India Muslim League started pursuing the objective of obtaining independence in Muslim majority from the Britishers and Hindus actively and vigorously.

On Pakistan Day, every Pakistani should feel proud of his/her country and be thankful to breathe in an independent, sovereign nation. After the numerous atrocities, acts of tyranny, violence and bloodshed against the Muslims, were our political minds able to free us from colonialism and slavery.

It has been the custom in Pakistan to highlight our independence, strengths and positives each year on 23rd March 1947. The day is celebrated with a national holiday across the country as schools, offices and private, government institutions remain closed. A country like Pakistan which has the distinction to be the only nuclear armed Muslim nation and having the 5th largest army in the world, will always have enemies. Hence every year, a military parade is held with full swing, attended by the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan. Medals and awards are conferred by the President on national heroes and flower wreaths are laid on the graves of Allama Iqbal and Muhammad Ali Jinnah. A fantastic display of military might and mane is displayed in Islamabad to warn Pakistan’s enemies of any untoward acts it might attempt.

From a fantastic display of fighter pilots hovering above the parade ground and attempting daredevil feats to the glorious march of Pakistani troops amid glorious chants, no stone is left unturned in displaying the nation’s might. Arrays of deadly Pakistani missiles aimed to decimate the enemies of the state, tanks threatening in stature and sword wielding soldiers, all feature in the colorful parade. The country held its first parade today after a gap of seven years due to terrorism threats and pulled off a great show.

One must always be proud of their own country and be thankful to be born in a free state. Lahore Resolution represents each and every Pakistanis dignity and his right to independence. As a sovereign state, we have a voice in international affairs and a standing on the global stage. Through cohesion, cooperation and fostering brotherly relations between civilians and armed forces, can Pakistan truly rise to fulfill its destiny of being one of the greatest nations in the world.


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