Saturday, September 25, 2021

Pakistan in talks with US for F-16 deal: Rana Tanveer


Rana Tanveer Hussain, speaking to media persons on Monday, said that Pakistan’s defence is unassailable and can meet all challenges.

He added that small arms are being produced and exported by Pakistan Ordinance Factory (POF) to many countries such as United States, Britain, Germany.

The federal minister said that JF-17 Thunder has all the specifications of any state-of-the art fighter jet.

Answering a question, Rana Tanveer said that Pakistan has been in talks with the United States for the F-16 deal. Pakistan will approach other countries if the talks for the F-16 with the US fails.

Hussain went on to say that the country was in talks with Russia for acquiring MI-35 helicopters and expressed his optimism that a development will take place in upcoming months.

MI-35 is the upgraded version of Russian made MI-24 attack and transport helicopter. Several countries of the world including India, are using the helicopter, which is also called ‘flying tank’ for its fighting capability.

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