Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Pakistan Railways cut fares up to 10-25% for early Ramazan


The special package would be applicable from Ramazan 01 to 20. The facility would be available in the form of advanced reservation of seats only.

This would be a source of relief for the people fatigued of frequent power failures and overcharging of profiteers in Ramazan.

Passengers would be provided facility of reduced fares up to 16-25% in different classes of Bahauddin Zakaria, Sukker Express, Multan Express and Mehr Express, while Karachi Express, Pak Business, Jaffer Express, Bahauddin Zakaria Express would give discount in fares up to 11-15%.

On the other hand, Millat Express, Tez Gam, Awam Express, Allama Iqbal, Subuk Khuram, Rawal Express, Islamabad Express and Margalla Express would give discount up to 10% in fares.


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