Sunday, September 25, 2022

Pakistan, US need to actively collaborate to achieve common regional goals: Asif


ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on Thursday said Pakistan and United States needed to actively work to achieve common objective of durable peace in the region.

“The menace of global terrorism has claimed hundreds of thousands of human lives. Pakistan wishes to build partnership for a secure and prosperous future and to defeat the forces of disarray,” he said while addressing at the US Institute of Peace in Washington.

He said Pakistan considered itself as the long standing friend of the United States and friends needed to revitalize and refresh their friendship from time to time. Our relationships were underpinned by certain shared values, he said.

The foreign minister said Pakistan was not only fighting war on terror, but winning it as well.

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He said achieving peace and security in Afghanistan was critical for lasting peace in the region.

Earlier in a statement, he said effective border management with Afghanistan was imperative to curb infiltration of terrorists.

He said that the country could not owe responsibility for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Asif said that United States could not succeed in Afghanistan by waging war since US troops were fighting the insurgents for the last 16 years. “Afghan conflict can only be resolved through negotiation,” he emphasized.

Dismissing accusations of providing safe havens to terrorists in Pakistan, the minister accused Afghanistan of harboring these sanctuaries.


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