Monday, August 8, 2022

Pakistan to soon become self-sufficient in vehicle production: PM Khan


Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Lahore’s JW Forland Factory would roll out vehicles fully Made in Pakistan, with even their spares being built locally, ARY News reported.

Addressing the ceremony here on Saturday, the premier lauded Faisal and Javed Afridi, the owners of JW Forland Pakistan, for their proactive efforts to bring in foreign investment for expanding the factory’s operations.

“Eight thousand people work in this factory today, and indirectly, it will provide jobs to 40,000 people in future”, he said.

“So far, only assembly plants have been built [in Pakistan], this is the first time we have a production line to build locally-made cars”, said the prime minister.

He said that Pakistan would not only meet its vehicle requirements but it will also export Pakistan-made vehicles.

“We have to remove all obstacles in way of foreign investors, as only foreign investment can resolve Pakistan’s economic crisis”, said PM Khan.

He was of the view that difficulties in doing business had led to a worsening employment situation and that the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) government was working to create ease for the investors.

He also said that he was looking forward to the production of electric cars in the JW Forland plant in the near future. This, according to him, would “resolve Lahore’s pollution problem”.

Later, addressing the students at Lahore’s Aitchison College, the prime minister said that the people only remembered those who worked for the betterment of humanity.

“Entire Pakistan remembers Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah today, because he, despite having everything with him, struggled for India’s Muslims selflessly for 40 years”, he said.

Stressing the need for hard work and dedication, PM Khan said that a champion was a person who never let failures bog him down.

“The formula for success is to not give in to failures but to learn from them”, he said.

“There are no ‘shortcuts’ in the world. Only a person with a broad vision and hard work attains success”, he added.


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