Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Pakistani actor Faran Tahir to play Kasein In Space Command: Forgiveness


According to a press release:-

Recently Pakistani–American actor Faran Tahir announced that he has been cast as ‘Eden’ in the upcoming Sci-Fi movie ‘The Mad Genius Project’. Now the star has also joined Space Command: Forgiveness, to play ‘Kasein’, a man with a dark past that is trying to save 300 people who have been abducted by space marauders.

The movie is expected to release sometime next year. Space Command is a series of new and original feature films by Star Trek writer Marc Zicree and director/digital film pioneer Neil Johnson. Bold adventures in the far reaches of space, Space Command follows the development of the United Planets and Space Command as mankind steps off planet Earth to terraform and colonize the rest of the solar system and explore the galaxy. Space Command encompasses stories that take place over a 200-year timeline and include epic struggles and victories of mankind’s future history in space.

Faran signed up with some of the major TV series this year, including, Satisfaction USA, Supergirl, American Crime and Land Of The Outlaws.

Speaking about being a part of Space Command: Forgiveness, Faran Tahir says “Marc Zicree is a visionary in the science fiction genre. Very well respected and it is an honour to work on this movie with him.

Tahir is best known for his act as Raza, the leader of a terrorist organization, “The Ten Rings” in Iron Man (2008). In 1985, he appeared as Bolshintsov in U.C. Berkeley’s production of A Month in the Country. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a BA in Theatre before acquiring a graduate degree from the American Repertory Theater’s (A.R.T.) Institute for Advanced Theater Training at Harvard University.


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