VIDEO: Pakistani cop makes 16-foot long motorbike

KARACHI: Usually we have been seeing two to three people riding a motorbike, but can you imagine 12 people sitting on a bike? No? Here we will let you meet a Karachi cop, who has made a 16-foot long motorbike, claiming it to be the longest in Asia.

“It took me three months to develop the bike with an approximate cost of Rs300,000 to 350,000,” Ali Muhammad Memon said while talking in ARY News programme Bakhabar Savera.

Replying to a query about how did he get the idea to develop such a huge bike, the cop said wanted to develop a unique thing to get fame for Pakistan in the world.


said due to alteration the bike usually gives mileage of 30 to 35 kilometres in per litre petrol. He said due to being heavyweight, a taller and heavier man can ride the motorbike. “The bike weighs 370kg,” he added.

The cop claimed that the motorcycle has developed is the longest in Asia and no one is able to break his record, yet.

Detailing the features of the bike, Ali Muhammad Memon said that he has installed a 300cc engine in the motorbike. Two stands are included in it due to its length and weight, three brakes are also added to the motorcycle to control it in case of any emergency.


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