Saturday, October 1, 2022

Pakistan’s Consul General in Dubai asks people not to buy fake air tickets


DUBAI: Ahmed Amjad Ali, Consul-General at Pakistan Consulate Dubai has asked Pakistanis stranded in UAE to buy tickets directly from PIA and not from unoffical sources.

Mr. Ahmed Amjad Ali in his video statement said the government of Pakistan has republished the fare list of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flights as it has announced to repatriate its stranded nationals in Dubai and northern Emirates.

According to the list, price of economy class ticket from Dubai to Karachi is set at 810 Dirham, while business class to cost 1900 Dirham.

Economy class ticket from Dubai to Peshawar and parts of Punjab will cost 1120 Dirham and 2200 Dirham for the people willing to travel in business class of the PIA.

The consul general said they have been receiving a lot of complaints about ticket frauds and made it clear that no agent is authorised to sale PIA tickets for Dubai and northern Emirates other than the PIA for the operation.

He advised people not to transfer online money for tickets as many of the people are portraying themselves as employees of the Pakistan Embassy and doing fraud with the people.

H.E. Ahmed Amjad asked people to inform the local police or Embassy if they see any such fraud.


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