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Pakistani halal food snacks


When we think of the Pakistani food industry, we think everything is halal because it is an Islamic country. While that may be the case for restaurants and cafes that are not allowed to sell alcohol or pork (any alcohol sold is done so illegally), the food and beverages industry can be a bit tricky.

Some brands have knowingly or unknowingly used non halal ingredients while manufacturing their products. Thus, let’s take a look at snacks in Pakistan that are halal and safe to consume:

  • Oreo biscuits

Just recently, rumours circulated that Oreo biscuits were not halal, especially the strawberry cream flavour. When asked about this to Oreo officials, the company spokesperson on their website claimed that Oreo biscuits are not halal.

However, these biscuits are safe to consume. This means that while they are not certified as halal by an official authority, none of their ingredients are classified as those prohibited in Islam. Since it is safe for vegetarians to consume, it is also safe for muslims to consume.

  • Lays Potato Chips

Similar to Oreo, Lays Potato Chips were also speculated in terms of being halal or not. This, however, originated from a specific ingredient that it used in its product i.e. E-631. E-631 is an additive used as a flavor enhancer in many snacks and beverages, which can be sourced from 3 varieties – pigs, fish and plants.

This is what concerned muslim consumers but SANHA (South African National Halaal Authority) stated on its website that Lays potato chips were 100% certified halal. Lays extracts E-631 from plant sources.

  • Skittles

Skittles also faced scrutiny at the hand of muslim and vegan consumers as it previously used the additive E-120. This is a color pigment which is obtained from an insect; thus, rendering it non-halal.

Previously, the flavours Original Fruit, Wild Berry, Confused and Sours were not halal, but the company removed E-120 back in 2017, so it is now a halal product. However, to be sure, the company urges customers to check on the back of the packaging to check for the label ‘Suitable for vegetarians’.

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