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Increasing Challenges!


Elsa Sc S
Elsa Sc S
Elsa Sc S is doing her graduation from LUMS & a keen researcher

Almost all discerning and rational segments of Pakistani polity have expressed their disdain at the deliberate reduction of political space the onrush of lopsided accountability is causing.

It is quite apparent that even the judiciary faces the pressures of arbitrary interference and though the judicial segment is showing considerable restraint yet it is somewhat perplexing to determine how long the situation will last.

It must also be borne in mind that elasticity of human perceptions does have definite limitations and it is always prudent to keep this limit in view. The current situation can hardly justify a contradiction in terms by simultaneously expressing discomfort and also taking satisfaction by not trying to redress it on the larger pretext of prudence.

It also has become more than apparent at this juncture that the dangers inherent in the specific system of accountability designed by arbitrary forces are not only unsettling but also contain a tendency to boomerang. It is clearly perceived that accountability in its present form is nothing but a shoddy attempt at political engineering aimed at brow-beating some political elements to stay away from opposing the current dispensation.

CJP oath SC judges

The current spate of accountability has lost credibility and that some remedial steps need to be taken urgently so that the process can recover credence and acceptability. While acknowledging that recovery of stolen wealth of the citizenry is a noble cause and it must be legitimately and legally pursued where it is due but if in the process the constitutional and legal morality of the society and the recognised standards of fairness and impartiality are compromised then retrieval of the lost constitutional and legal morality may pose an even bigger challenge to the society at large in the days to come.

Almost all segments have expressed reservations about the suppression of the media and the curbing of dissent and warned that such tactics only end up exacerbating public discontent.

The suppression of media reflects the revival of old arbitrary spirit that has proved self-defeating in the past but resorting to it the current explosions of social media outlets that convey the intellectual inertia prevalent in the perpetrators of the arbitrary policy. They probably do not believe that things have radically changed although they profess appreciating the current norms of conduct but their actions prove that they are doing no more than lip service.

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Even if coming late but the concerns exhibited by the polity represent a fast-spreading and widespread feeling that something substantially is amiss in the polity. Despite all attempts to make people live in a make-believe world the veneer is not holding on. The worries amply reflect that the country has come to a critical juncture where the rule of law is fast being eroded by a charade of accountability and a political witch-hunt becoming more farcical by the day.

The intense lack of probity is putting behind bars a whole lot of elected representatives, state functionaries and businessmen points out at the growing polarity that is weakening the national structure. Media has been compelled to retreat and is intimidated into acquiescence rather than acting as a conduit for diverse opinions.

This is simply an untenable situation that will and should not last. Whatever are the motives of following such a policy but one thing is certain that it will lead to disaster. The need to begin a pushback is urgent and should not be further delayed.

The restraint shown by the apex judiciary is justified by differentiating judicial activism and active judicialism. It must be kept in mind that a section of society was unhappy over the fact that in the last few months the apex court had not shown much interest in exhibiting judicial activism and had been slow in taking suo moto action over issues where that section of society so demanded. It is pointed out that this particular section had conveniently forgotten that only sometime before they were highly critical of such an enterprise. The judicial space is restricted by the day that is ominously dangerous for the polity.

Blasphemous content, ATC, death sentence Pakistani Polity

It should be appreciated that criticism of the official policies is less harmful than criticism over imprudent and undue arbitrary interventions in almost all aspects of national life. Arbitrary manipulation of the polity may have horrendous consequences having the potential of destabilising the entire polity.

It is a pity that the arbitrary forces have not properly appreciated the difference between tactical and strategic perceptions and this confusion is adding to national discomfort. While the current chaotic situation justifies the policy of arbitrary forces of keeping everyone on perpetual tenterhooks, but it also breeds uncertainty that is considered harmful for collective existence in a polity.

Currently, the Pakistani matrix is resolutely pulled towards polarity reducing the national living space quite dangerously.

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