Sunday, September 26, 2021

One of Pakistan’s Twitter trendmakers — troll for many — has his account suspended


Farhan Khan Virk is a controversial personality on micro-blogging site Twitter. His many followers on Twitter helped him to make trends in Pakistan popular on social media. Farhan Khan Virk was also a troll for many on the social media website as well. His account was suspended by Twitter, causing the hashtag #WeWantFarhanVirkBack to trend. However, he has reappeared on social media.

The reasons for his Twitter account being suspended are not clear. However, sources disclosed that Farhan Virk had been making fake accounts of various prominent personalities in Pakistan and using them to set trends. Upon discovery, Twitter took action and suspended his account. However, the news could not be confirmed.

The reaction on Twitter was a mixed one, with some demanding Virk’s account to be restored whilst others were quite happy over his suspension. Here are some tweets:-

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