Friday, September 30, 2022

WATCH: Karachiites are now paper wrapping their cars!


There is a place in Karachi where car owners wrapping their vehicles with coloured papers to beautify and protect the vehicle’s original colour.

This is the latest trend in town and people are opting for it as it is not only cost effective when compared to car paint but also protects the original colour of the vehicle.

Available in colours like electric green, metallic chrome and glossy golden, the car wraps are removable and do not damage the genuine paint while or after removal.

Moreover the car wraps are weather resistant, thus their quality and appearance will not be affected due to weather changes.

As ARY News asked one of the car owners about why he is choosing to paper wrap his car, the man maintained that his car’s colour was white and he wanted some funky colour but painting the car not only costs more but the car also loses its market value.

“The process which costs Rs35000 to 150, 000 not only protects the car but the vehicle remains washable, you only need to cover your car when not in use,” the shop owner told ARY News.


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