Sunday, October 2, 2022

‘Pawri horai hai’ is breaking my personal YouTube records: Yashraj Mukhate


The Pawri Horai Hai trend hasn’t just made creator Dananeer Mobeen an overnight sensation, but has also helped Indian composer Yashraj Mukhate to go viral once again! 

After creating viral hits like the hilarious Rasode Mai Kaun Tha and the more recent Tuadda Kutta Tommy video, Mukhate’s take on Dananeer’s Pawri Horai Hai is another feather in his cap, and according to the composer, his most successful yet.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Mukhate revealed that the video is perhaps his more successful yet. “I put it out, and it has been breaking my personal YouTube records. It’s my fastest two million views’ video,” he shared.

“I’m getting an amazing response. Through my last two-three videos which were dialogue mashups, I got to know that people are not interested in serious music. So, I really wanted this mashup to blow up like my other videos,” said Mukhate.


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Mukhate shared that his spontaneous work ends up getting more successful than what he puts a lot of effort into; he created the Pawri Horai Hai remix within two-three hours!

Talking about how he stumbled on the idea, Mukhate revealed, “It was a very fast process. I saw the video one morning, went to my studio, and created the entire mashup in two-three hours.” He also shared that the video was sent to him by someone in his Instagram Direct Messages.

“I just downloaded it and started working on it and I enjoyed the process.”

The young composer has also been in direct contact with Dananeer herself, who he says has been appreciative of the remix. “I sent her the video, and she liked it. In fact, she danced to it, too. I also got to know that she spoke in that way intentionally, which is brilliant. She was expecting it to become a meme.”

Needless to say, Mukhate’s remix has taken Dananeer’s star to even greater heights with Bollywood stars like Shahid Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Sidharth Malhotra, etc. jumping on the trend as well.


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