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Man suffers from flesh-eating baterial infection after fishbone peirced his fingers


A 60-year-old seafood lover in China suffered from a ‘flesh eating’ bacterial infection after a fishbone pierce his fingers on July 17 which may lead to have his hand amputated.

The man told media that he was gutting a fish at home without wearing gloves when the bone pricked two of his fingers, leaving no blood or visible injuries.

Doctors said that the man had contracted a lethal bacterium, which normally lives in warm seawater and is sometimes described as ‘flesh-eating’.

WARNING: Video contains graphic content that may be disturbing to some viewers

The man know by his surname Wang has been given an emergency treatment, however, the medics expressed fear that the man would need to undergo an amputation due to his worsening health condition, Dailymail UK quoted a report of China’s Guiyang Evening News.

Wang said he was processing a 2.9-pound fresh perch, a type of fish popular among Chinese diners, when he felt a jab on the ring finger and little finger on his left hand.

perch fishbone bacterial infection hand amputation

He did not see blood or cuts and, therefore, did not think much of the incident.

But the fish fan discovered several red spots and slight swelling on his hand the next morning. He went for medical attention after his condition became worse in the afternoon.

Mr Wang was admitted into an ordinary ward at a small hospital on the same day. However, his hand became more and more swollen, and the infection had started to spread onto his arm.

perch fishbone bacterial infection hand amputation

Doctors thought Mr Wang could be infected with vibrio vulnificus, a type of bacteria that is lethal to about 33 per cent of people who contract it.

The man was transferred to the emergency intensive care units of the Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital two days later and was diagnosed with the infection.

Pictures and footage released by Pear Video show that the man’s injured hand was extremely inflamed and full of pus-filled blisters.

A doctor from the People’s Hospital, known by his surname Dong, told reporters that Mr Wang’s infection had extended to his armpit when he was brought in.

Medics gave the patient antibiotic treatment, which managed to relieve the condition on his limb. But the infection on his hand did not improve, and he had lost feelings of his hand.

Surgeons decided to make a few cuts on his hand to help reduce the pressure the swelling had caused during a medical procedure.

Dr Dong said that the medical team were observing the patient’s condition closely.

He noted Mr Wang could feel his fingers following the emergency surgery, but his condition was not stable.

The medic warned that Mr Wang’s life would be in danger if tissue necrosis continued to develop, and an amputation would be required under the circumstances.


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