Thursday, June 30, 2022

Petition challenges troops deployment in Islamabad


Chief Justice Anwar Kasi ordered petitioner Naseer Ahmad Kayani and his counsel to submit a copy of the notification of the government decision about handing over the capital city to the military.

The bench called the reply of the federation over the matter after hearing the arguments of the petitioner’s counsel Shaikh Ahsanuddin.

The petition said that the Ministry of Interior could not call the troops under the Article 245 of the constitution. Only the cabinet could summon the military under the constitution, the plea said.

“What is the justification of the government decision when the situation in Islamabad has not been as bad as in Quetta, Waziristan and Karachi”, the chief justice asked Deputy Attorney General Tariq Khokhar.

The court asked the federation to file its reply in the next hearing of the case on August 06.



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