Sunday, October 2, 2022

PFA urged to take action against sale of chemically contaminated raw milk


LAHORE: Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has failed to take action against chemically contaminated raw milk being supplied to the milk shops across Punjab province especially in Faisalabad, raising serious health concerns, ARY NEWS reported on Friday.  

According to a report aired by ARY NEWS, hazardous and chemically contaminated milk is being sold out openly at the shops in the province, causing the spread of hazardous diseases among the masses who are using the product.

The report while citing the example of Faisalabad city of the province, highlighted that raw milk is being supplied in an extraordinary quantity to the city than its potential. It shows that chemical is being used to increase the thickness and quantity of the milk being supplied to the shops.

Lack of cleanliness of the utensils used by the shops has also raised severe questions on the supply of raw milk as it has become a major source of the spread of diseases among children and others in the city.

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One of the consumers while commenting on the matter blamed the PFA for its negligence in taking strict action against milk sellers who are openly contaminating it with chemicals besides also using other ways to increase its quantity.

The report warned that if necessary action was not taken against the sellers who are openly contaminating the milk and supplying it to consumers, it would have severe implications on the health of the masses in the city.

“It is an alarming situation and if timely action is not taken then it could become a source of manifold increase in diseases among citizens,” it said.


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