Thursday, August 11, 2022

Photographer recreates ‘Lion King’ Mufasa’s famous gaze over Pride Rock


Photographer David Yarrow travelled 2,500 miles to recreate a shot from Disney’s Lion King featuring Mufasa.

A lion was captured in the exact same pose as Mufasa on top of Pride Rock.

David combined two images to recreate the iconic scene from the movie, reports Daily Mail. The first shot is from above the real Pride Rock in Borana, Kenya and shot the second at conservationist Kevin Richardson’s famous sanctuary for which he travelled 2,500 miles to South Africa.

Kevin helped David to come up with this idea. Known as ‘Lion Whisperer’, he aims to raise more than £500,000 to help support African lions with the impressive shot.

The photo has been released following the classic film’s return to cinemas in July 2019 with live-action animation.


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