Thursday, August 11, 2022

Photos of Dhaka streets showing ‘river of blood’ were photoshopped?


The pictures attracted world media attention and almost majority of media outlets published them on their websites and some TV channels even aired it.

Initially many thought the pictures were photoshopped, but there were no supplementary evidences to corroborate the claim of a few people saying the pictures were doctored.




Now, what’s doing the rounds on social media are pictures of the streets that indicate the pictures that earlier went viral were photoshopped apparently to malign the image of the state and its people and perhaps Muslim as a whole.

Taking a close look, one can easily identify how the posters, boards and even people in the said photo have turned into a red shade and equally confusing is they turned green when you take a look blood-less pictures.




These pictures were published by the Indian Express as well.

A particular post on Facebook went viral which compared the two photos. “The Photo. One fake. One used to give Muslims a bad name. Which one is real? From my own experience with slathering and butchering animals, I know that blood coagulates rapidly and it is not possible to have “rivers of blood”. So I am skeptical of the image with red fluid flowing down the streets.

But what about the rest of the people who saw this on FB. What about those who did not do a fact check? Am I being paranoid when I say that there is some real hate mongering going on?” wrote the user who acknowledged that the photo which shows bloodless streets was indeed photoshopped.


In the above pictures, you can spot reddish shade on electric wires that is quite weird. The is marked in a circle to make it noticeable.

While others claim that the earlier pictures were real because, due to heavy downpour, people were forced to sacrifice their animals in their courtyards and house premises instead of the designated place of slaughter. But still, did slaughtering really create a river of blood? Decide yourself.



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