Wednesday, August 10, 2022

PIA takes action against 38 employees over fake degrees, corruption


KARACHI: The accountability process within Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) continued on Monday after the airline took action against 38 of its employees in October 2020 over prolong absence, corruption, fake degrees, and other malpractices, ARY NEWS reported.

According to a list issued by the human resource department of the PIA, five employees were terminated from their service over fake degrees, six others were fired over prolong absence while one of them was dismissed over leaking information about the national flag carrier.

“Five employees have been terminated for corrupt practices while five others were fired over record tempering,” the PIA spokesman said.

He further said that three employees were demoted over not following the orders.

Meanwhile, on the contrary, 11 PIA employees were given appreciation letters while five others were awarded cash money over their extraordinary performances.

It is pertinent to mention here that it was not the first time that the national flag carrier has took action against its employees over irregularities.

In September 2020, the management of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has taken strict action against 54 employees on various charges.

A total of 54 employees of the national carrier faced termination, demotion, and deduction of increments after the conclusion of transparent and unbiased inquiries by the PIA Human Resource Department.

Seven (7) employees have been terminated over possessing fake degrees, whereas, the services of eight (8) workers were ended over their absence without informing the management.

An employee was terminated over ‘unauthorized disclosure of official information’; six (6) others for their involvement in corruption and embezzlement of funds; two (2) for facilitating transportation of narcotics and smuggled items and two (2) for sabotaging the company’s property.

After holding the inquiry, two (2) workers have been found involved in the theft and destruction of officials records. The workers were terminated by the management during the last month, whereas, one (1) more employee was terminated for rejecting to carry out lawful orders.

Moreover, five (5) employees have faced a deduction of increments over violation of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) of the airline; nine (9) workers were demoted over ‘insubordination’ and one employee was censured by the management for sleeping during duty.


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