Monday, August 15, 2022

PIA flight to Dubai diverted Muscat after heavy rain


KARACHI: A Dubai bound PIA flight from Lahore was diverted to Muscat after heavy rains lashed Dubai, citing the airlines sources ARY News reported on Saturday.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Dubai bound flight, PK-233, was diverted to Muscat due to rough weather conditions in Dubai on Friday evening.

According to a spokesman of PIA, Dubai airport authorities directing the flights diversion to other airports due to bad weather.

The airport in a tweet had informed the passengers that some flights could be delayed and roads leading up to the airport could be congested after heavy rains lashed Dubai.

In an tweet, the airport authority advised those flying on Friday night or Saturday morning to leave extra time to reach the airport. Travelers were also advised to check their flight status on airline websites.

“Heavy rainfall is expected tonight and may cause flight delays and road congestion,” the announcement said.

Moreover, the flight operations at Lahore airport were also affected and 17 domestic and foreign flights were delayed due to bad weather and visibility problems.

Five domestic and foreign flights were cancelled, while Karachi bound flight from Lahore, PK-302 was delayed by one hour, while PK-413, a flight from Sharjah to Lahore, was delayed by 1:30 hour.

A Lahore bound flight from Karachi, PK-312, was delayed by two hours, while two international flights from Dubai and Jeddah, PK-204 and 860 were as late as two hours, the sources said.

Lahore bound Saudi Airlines flight 734 has been 1:45 hours late, while another flight of the airline from Lahore to Jeddah has been postponed for 2:30 hours.

Moreover, PIA’s Lahore to Dubai flight PK 221 has been delayed by one hour, while flight from Lahore to Jeddah PK-759 has been four hours late and another Jeddah bound flight PK-859 has been one hour and 20 minutes late. Meanwhile Dubai bound PK 203 has been one hour late, the airlines sources said.

Another three flights, Lahore to Muscat PK-229, Lahore to Riyadh PK-726 and Lahore to Muscat PK-230 have been cancelled, according to the sources.


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