Sunday, January 29, 2023

Pilot survives for 36 days on just bread after plane crashes in jungle


A Brazilian pilot miraculously survived after 36 days stranded in the Amazon jungle after he crashed his plane.

Antonio Sena crashed his plane in the middle of the jungle on January 28 when he lost his engine after taking off from Alenquer in a northern region of Brazil, on the banks of the Amazon River.

The 36-year-old merely survived on the bread he’d taken with him on the plane, with before and after photos show his dramatic weight loss and hair growth during his time missing in the forest.

That was till he miraculously found a group of nut harvesters, who lit a bonfire for the search team so they could locate him.


When Toninho came across the group, he was dehydrated, weak and had some abrasions on his body.

The search and rescue team managed to find him in the municipality of Almeirim on March 6.

He was reunited with his beloved family for a quick hug broadcast on Brazilian TV before being taken to hospital.

Toninho, who crashed just two days before his 36th birthday, said: “The only thing that kept me strong and enabled me to come out of that situation alive was the love I have for my family, the desire I had to see my parents and my brother and sister again.

“It’s a story of love and faith.’

He later told local media he had nearly drowned after he heard a chainsaw noise and crossed a stream to reach the harvesters.


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