Thursday, August 18, 2022

PIMA demands enforcement of health emergency, strict lockdown


LAHORE: Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) has demanded enforcement of health emergency in the country to counter the spread of Covid-19, ARY News reported on Sunday.

President PIMA Prof Muhammad Afzal Mian in a press conference said that smart lockdown has pushed the tally of coronavirus patients to over 2,00,000.

President PIMA advised enforcement of two-week long strict lockdown in big cities to curb the raging pandemic in Pakistan.

Prof Afzal Mian also demanded strict enforcement of social distancing and use of masks to overcome the disease.

He recommended keeping at least three hospitals in a big city exclusively for the patients of COVID-19.

He also urged for increasing the number of beds at other government and private hospitals and ensuring uninterrupted supply of oxygen across the country.

“PIMA has decided to launch virtual “COVID-19 Healthline” project which will begin from July 1st in the whole country,” Dr Afzal Mian said.

“Expert doctors and psychologists will be available at the Healthline for self-isolation guidance,” he further said.

He expressed hope that the government will enforce the recommendations in the best public interest.

Irrespective of the federal government decision to ease the coronavirus-related lockdown in the country, various health organisations have reiterated their stance of strict lockdown and educating people about the preventive measures to minimise the spread of Covid-19.

Doctors also advised people to take this ailment just like any other diseases, and not take it as a taboo or social stigma.

They said that lockdown in other countries was relaxed when the number of cases was on the decline. In Pakistan, cases are increasing and any relaxation would result in rapid increase in number of patients, they warned. They said lockdown should continue at least till the cases slow down in the next few weeks.


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