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Travel Diaries: Pir Sohawa


BY DUA SHAH: The locale is as beautiful as it is convenient. One of the best urban-rural intermix Pir Sohawa is rapidly developing into an excessively alluring site.

Located at a distance of just 17 kilometers from Islamabad perched up heavenly on Margalla Hills, the place is beauty-personified. It is located at height of 3,000 feet that is traversed in a steep incline and is a treat to negotiate. It is located in Monal village that receives an occasional snowfall. The access to the locale is quite easy and it is crowded by visitors.


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Pir Sohawa is a flat terrain pictorial rural sight and place which presents an incredible and charming view of Islamabad during day and night. It is a perfect place to enjoy picnics in the forest while listening to singing birds and watching wildlife. Forests in the hills of Pir Sohawa turn green after the rain of the monsoon forest.

The surroundings are lush green and appear to be blanketed by a perennial fog that attracts a lot of interest. The misty ambience of the place comes as a dream sequence engulfing everything in it. The sight is an ideal spot for hiking trips from the foot of Margalla Hills and that goes up to 3,000 feet above, approximately vertically uphill from the Saidpur Village in Islamabad.


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Situated in the vicinity is Tilla Grani that is 1,181 meter high peak and one can easily walk on it. It is a highly sought after trek-site full of trekkers who enjoy the rough pleasures of adventure in its exclusive surroundings.

Especially in the hot summers the tourists get enchanted by the fragrance and breeze with thick forest present all around.

The place is full of medicinal flora and fauna and also host wildlife that is mostly hidden in the intricate crevices of its interiors. In winter Pir Sohawa becomes more attractive due to the snow fall. As it is an ideal tourists place it gives a magnificent view of Faisal Mosque and the city of Islamabad and it is admired by the foreign tourists as well.


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