Sunday, June 26, 2022

New kidnapping case by plainclothes cops emerges in Karachi


KARACHI: Another incident of short-term kidnapping by police officials in plain clothes emerged in Karachi as a citizen was abducted and released by security officials after snatching his documents and other valuables, ARY News reported.

A citizen, Abdul Aziz, who had arrived from Dubai was allegedly kidnapped and tortured by plainclothes cops in the metropolis. However, he was later released by the officials after keeping his important documents, cash and valuable mobile phone.

A citizen, Abdul Aziz, told ARY News that he was allegedly kidnapped from Malir by plainclothes cops and illegally kept into custody for three days near Quaidabad.

He detailed that a police official, Allah Daad, from Quaidabad police check post and his close friend Tahir Jaan were allegedly involved in the crime.

“I was being tortured for three days, whereas, they also demanded Rs1 million as ransom from my mother residing in Dubai through telephone call. The officials are now demanding Rs300,000 for returning my passport and other valuables,” Aziz said.

The citizen alleged that the policemen and his brother were in full nexus for his abduction. He demanded Inspector General Police (IGP) Sindh to provide him with justice and retrieval of his assets.

ARY News acquired photos of the accused persons including Aziz’s brother, his brother-in-law who worked for local police and his close friend Tahir Jaan.

Sources said that the culprits have returned Aziz’s passport and other valuables when their crimes exposed after airing of the report.

However, Aziz insisted for legal action against the criminals from the concerned authorities. The citizen further exposed that the same officials were involved in running an organised circle of street criminals and drug peddlers in the area.


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