Friday, February 3, 2023

WATCH: Plane’s engine burst into flames with 208 passengers on board  


A Vietnam-bound aircraft carrying 208 passengers including 27 kids narrowly escaped crash after one of its engines caught fire movement before take-off from a Russian airport, ARY News reported.    

The flight with 208 passengers on board was ready to take off on the airport’s runway when the pilot noticed that emergency signals displaying a technical fault in the plane.

As the pilot saw that one of the plane’s engine caught fire, he immediately aborted the take-off and informed the ground staff.

The crew used the plane’s anti-fire system to extinguish the engine blaze as fire engines rushed to the scene. Meanwhile, the crew safely evacuated the passengers.

Another aircraft was assigned for this flight while the plane has been taken for urgent technical service.

After the horrific incident, worried passengers said the Airbus A321’s engine made a popping sound before igniting as the plane was at the start of the runway.

One of the passengers said: “It was like a car that doesn’t want to start.”

Another said: “I sat on the right side and saw a flash. But there were also no announcements for about five minutes.” A third said: “It was scary seeing the flames.”


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