Monday, January 17, 2022

COVID-19: PM Imran Khan urges public to use masks, implement SOPs


LAHORE: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday stressed upon the masses to strictly implement the standard operating procedures (SOPs) aimed at minimizing spread of COVID-19 pandemic in the country, ARY NEWS reported.

The prime minister while addressing a presser during his visit to Lahore, said that the virus was spreading at a rapid pace.

He, however once again opposed the idea of imposing a complete lockdown, and said that bringing economy to a halt was not possible for a developing country like Pakistan.

“This idea could easily be implemented in a small country like Singapore or in a developed country to tackle COVID-19,”he said adding that even a developed city like New York could not sustain the impact from COVID-19 lockdown.

Imran Khan said that the only option they have is to impose a smart lockdown. “Our country could not bear consequences of lockdown as 25 percent of the population lives below the poverty line.”

He blamed the pandemic for shortfall in government revenues and said that it created difficulty for them to prepare the annual budget.

The prime minister warned the masses of testing time ahead if they fail to comply with the devised SOPs. “The country will have grave consequences if SOPs are not followed properly,” he said while lamenting that masses did not follow the precautionary measures.

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The prime minister also directed the Corona Tiger Relief Force volunteers and government functionaries to identify those going out in public places without masks and take strict action against them.

We will be facing serious issues due to COVID-19 in the month of July but it could be tackled if SOPs are implemented properly, said Imran Khan.

He said that they had to lift lockdown due to economic situation but the masses considered as if it was lifted after the pandemic is over.

He said that it has been proved that use of masks downgrades spread of COVID-19 by 50 percent. “Use your masks while going out,” urged the prime minister while warning the infection could have serious consequences for elders and people having underlying health conditions.


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