Wednesday, February 8, 2023

PM’s Performance Delivery Unit resolves 9,737 out of 34,715 public complaints


ISLAMABAD: The government has released a 24-day report of recently-formed Prime Minister’s Performance Delivery Unit, tasked with resolving complaints of the public and get their feedback, ARY News reported on Monday.

According to the report, the PM’s cell received 34,712 complaints in the last 24 days. Of them, 9,737 complaints were immediately resolved.

Giving breakdown of nature of the complaints, the report states that 6200 complaints pertained to human rights violations, and 637 of them were addressed.

Similarly 6,137 complaints were received related to law and order situation, and 251 of them were resolved in no time, according to the PM House portal.

Likewise, 6,202 complaints were lodged with the portal related to Land and Revenue Department, and 880 of them were resolved.

The complaints related to health department were 6679 in numbers and the 1374 were immediately resolved.

Meanwhile, the cell also received 21,174 suggestions from the public regarding different departments and overall working of government functionaries.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had launched ‘Pakistan Citizen Portal’ on October 28 with an aim to timely address problems of the people and get their feedback.

PM Khan termed his government’s innovative programme a medium for ‘a quantum change’ by enabling the citizens to have a say in the government affairs through registration of their complaints/suggestions, highlighting the functioning of all its ministries, departments and offices.

At the time of launching the portal, the prime minister said it was one of the manifestations of “Naya Pakistan” in which the people would get a sense to own the government.

The integrated system, an initiative of the Prime Minister Performance Delivery Unit (PMPDU), has the latest information technological tools for its functioning.

The portal contains 20 different inbuilt categories (3,796 offices) for facilitation and the citizens, parliamentarians, overseas Pakistanis and foreigners will have to complete the registration process before accessing its various tools and pages.


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