Thursday, August 11, 2022

PM’s spokesperson denies offering Dr. Jogezai governorship of Balochistan


QUETTA: The spokesperson of Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday clarified that the news of nominating Doctor Ameer Mohammad Khan Jogezai as Governor Balochistan is completely false.

PM’s spokesperson cleared the air saying that the name of Dr. Jogezai was merely recommended for the post, “nothing was finalized about it.”

The statement added that under the light of some evidences that surfaced lately against Jogezai, there has been no further progress on the recommendation.

However, on August 25, a notification issued by the PTI said that Dr Jogezai was nominated by the party chief Imran Khan during a consultative meeting held at his residence in Bani Gala.

Hours after Prime Minister Imran Khan nominated Dr Ameer Muhammad Khan Jogezai as next governor of Balochistan, the latter excused myself from accepting the post.

In a video message, Ameer Jogezai thanked the premier and the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) for trusting him for the office.

“I have a broad political background. My brother and nephew have been governor and ministers and I do not want their reputation to get hurt. Respect for Imran Khan is above all for me, however, I excuse from accepting the post of governor,” he said.

The doctor clarified that there was no FIR or any kind of case registered against him. “The case being mentioned in the news was registered in 2005,” he said.

Nevertheless, during late Sunday hours, Doctor Ameer Jogezai refuted the claims of rejecting the offer of Prime Minister Imran Khan to assume governorship of Balcohistan.

While denying media reports, he clarified “I have not excused from taking charge of governor’s post, my statements about the issue were misrepresented.”

Dr. Jogezai reiterated his actual statement that he was waiting for National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) clearance to come out and until then he had postponed his oath-taking. “I will swear in as Governor of Balochistan after NAB’s clearance against him,” he stated.

Jogezai is the son of Sardar Baz Muhammad Khan Jogezai and is a pediatrician by profession. He has over three decades of experience in the field of pediatrics medicine. He also also served as the registrar at the Bolan Medical College in Quetta. He completed his MBBS from BMC in 1982.



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