Wednesday, August 10, 2022

PMSA rebuts claims Indian fisherman died in firing at boat


KARACHI: The Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) on Monday rejected the claims that an Indian fisherman died in firing at his boat.

“The PMSA is unaware of any incident where someone has been killed or injured,” the agency said in a statement.

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It said a PMSA ship on routine patrol in the eastern maritime region observed few Indian boats poaching illegally about eight nautical miles in Pakistan’s waters. They left after warning from the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency but one boat named “Padmani Kopa” was apprehended for not adhering to the instructions, the statement said.

The fishermen on broad the ship were identified as Bhupat Babu (Nakhuda), Sanjy Shidwa, Kishore Mashya, Nirender Bujad, Ajay Vodu, Santosh and Ramu Bujad.

The Pakistan Maritime Security Agency said no boat by a name as claimed by some foreign media outlets has been apprehended. “PMSA has no knowledge about the boat JALPARI or its crew state,” the statement read.

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It reiterated that the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency as per standard operating procedure (SOP) uses non-lethal means while undertaking law enforcement actions, adding that humanitarian aspects are always kept in mind while dealing with fishermen.

“PMSA would like that each country’s maritime forces take necessary steps to curb illegal intrusions by fishermen into others country,” the statement said.


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