Thursday, August 11, 2022

Police arrest Hizbut Tehreer’s Karachi chief


Hizbut Tehreer’s Karachi chief Siham Qamar was arrested by police on Friday. Siham was working as deputy general manager at K-Electric. The arrest was claimed to be made by the Counter-Terrorism Department of the Sindh Police.

CTD Operation-I incharge SSP Usman Bajwa addressed a press conference at the Police Headquarters in Garden on Friday, when he revealed the details. According to Bajwa, Qamar was a mechanical engineer who used to frequent religious institutions in order to propagate HuT’s agenda.
“Qamar is a mechanical engineer and had access to educational institutions where he was spotted regularly,” said Bajwa. “He used to attend social gatherings of influential people and propagate his group’s agenda.”

Earlier in October as well, a HuT member was arrested from Karachi named Owais Raheel. The news had made headlines due to the fact that Raheel used to teach at Szabist and was also an IBA graduate. 

These were not the only arrests that were made by the HuT. They also arrested two activists of Sipah-e-Muhammad Pakistan’s Khairpur chapter, named Munir Ahmad Gopang and Usman Ghani aka Gutka.
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