Monday, November 28, 2022

Police arrest six key suspects of Mian Channu mob lynching incident


KHANEWAL: Police has arrested six more key accused in a mob lynching incident in Mian Channu town, ARY News reported on Monday.

Police has identified and arrested 21 main accused of a lynching incident in of Khanewal district of Punjab.

‘The suspects were arrested after their identification with the help of a CCTV footage, a spokesperson of Punjab Police said in a statement.

An angry mob had lynched an insane man with bricks and batons, over accusation of blasphemy.

“Police has so far detained 102 suspects in the mob lynching incident,” police spokesperson said. “Police further inquiring into the incident for arrest of other accused,” he added.

Punjab Police department had yesterday announced arrest of 15 accused in the brutal incident.

The accused have been booked under the laws applied to terrorism and heinous crimes, police said.

Police arresting and identifying more accused of the incident with the help of CCTV footage, according to police.

The chief minister of Punjab and I.G. Police personally monitoring the police operation to nab culprits of the incident, police said.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday responded to the Khanewal incident and said that mob lynching will be dealt with the full severity of the law.

Taking to Twitter, the prime minister said that the government have zero tolerance for taking the law into their own hands and mob lynchings.

“Have asked Punjab IG for report on action taken against perpetrators of the lynching in Mian Channu and against the police who failed in their duty,” he said.


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