Monday, October 3, 2022

Police dismisses official who pointed gun at woman in PTI protest


FAISALABAD: Punjab Police has dismissed a sub inspector over pointing gun at a woman, the department on Tuesday said in a statement.

The police department has dismissed sub inspector Abid Jutt from his job over pointing pistol at a PTI leader Nargis on May 25. “Abid Jutt had threatened to open fire at the woman leader,” police said.

“IG Police Punjab relieved Abid Jutt from his service after an inquiry report,” department said. “Dismissed official can appeal against the departmental punitive action within 30 days,” according to police.

In the protest of PTI on May 25, three policemen had died, and over 100 were injured during the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) protest, a spokesperson of Punjab Police had said.

According to a spokesperson of the Punjab Police, three policemen died in clashes and raids on PTI workers’ houses clashes between them and police forces during the PTI’s long march while over a hundred were reportedly injured. According to details, one policeman was killed in Lahore while two lost their lives in Attock when the bus, they were traveling met an accident.


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