Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Police officers catch 5-ft-long snake from family’s living room


Spotting snakes in gardens and toilets is not something rare for Australians and Britians. But things get scary when they show up in bedrooms or living rooms. 

A family from Birmingham’s Hodge Hill area got a real scare when they found a 5-foot-long serpent in their living room. The father immediately called emergency services after ushering his kids into another room.

The first responders found a big black and white snake slithering in the living room under a sofa. The snake most probably entered the house via the pipe system.

The snake was put into a pillowcase before being placed into a cage. Photos of the rescue have now surfaced online.

According to the Midlands police, “One of our call centre staff — our in-house reptile expert having worked in animal research for the University of British Columbia — had offered advice on the likely type of snake and handling tips.”

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They added, “We’re not sure how the snake got into the flat in Hodge Hill, Birmingham. It’s suspected it may have got in through the pipe system. The snake is absolutely fine and will be looking for a new home.”


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