Wednesday, August 10, 2022

WATCH: Police shootout captured on camera during reporter’s live broadcast    


A police shootout was captured live on camera after it ensued as a reporter was giving a beeper during a broadcast as he kept his cool during the entire episode.

Jeff McAdam was reporting from outside the San Diego Convention Center in the US for FOX 5 when shots were heard in the background.

The reporter remained calm and continued his report about the cancellation of Comic-Con while glancing towards the gunfire intermittently. “There’s something going on here in the distance. I think we have an officer-involved shooting.”

He continued, “There’s a shooting going on right now between an officer and a car that he had just pulled over. Forgive us for getting out of the story that we were covering, we don’t know a lot about what’s going on right now or how much we want to cover it, given that we don’t know the details.”

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Jeff said, “We’re a block away here, just on the other side of the convention centre. We saw this officer pull over the car about two minutes before our live hit.”

The local police said an officer stopped the driver at 5th Avenue and Harbor Drive for a traffic violation. The officer thought the driver may be impaired and asked him to get out of the car for an evaluation. When the driver got out, he opened fire on the officer, and the officer returned fire.

Neither the suspect nor the officer was injured. A man nearby was hit by a stray bullet but an object in his pant pocket stopped the bullet from breaking his skin, police said. He was taken to a hospital for an evaluation and was later released.


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