Thursday, March 23, 2023

Pooja Bhatt is absolutely ‘blown away’ by success of Ho Mann Jahaan


Indian director Pooja Bhatt attended the premiere of ARY Films’ Ho Mann Jahaan and was amazed at the film’s standard, immensely. 

Pooja Bhatt has never shied away from giving credit to films and projects that she finds impressive. The Indian director attended the premiere of Ho Mann Jahaan and recorded a video message, in which she applauded the effort behind the movie.

Pooja Bhatt shared her thoughts and said that the movie was amazing and she was particularly impressed with the way everyone had gotten together to work at the project. She also recalled how she had launched her career in Pakistan as well.
“I, just like Asim, also took my first steps as a director in this city, in this country,” she said.

Pooja Bhatt was also hopeful and confident that the movie would perform well at the box office and voiced the desire to see more films like Ho Mann Jahaan originate from Pakistan. Ho Mann Jahaan‘s star studded premiere took place on the 30th of December of last year and the film was released on 1st Januiary 2016.
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Here is popular singer Bilal Ashraf at the Karachi premiere of the movie, talking about Ho Mann Jahaan.

And here is popular Pakistani actress Ayesha Omar giving her thumbs up to the director and actors from the movie:-


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