Saturday, August 13, 2022

Position-holder Sindh University Jamshoro student commits suicide


KARACHI: In a tragic incident, a student of Sindh University Jamshoro allegedly committed suicide on Monday for reasons still unknown, said police officials.

Naila, 22, a final-year student of Department of Sindh took the extreme step in the premises of the university hostel.

Her body was found hung on a ceiling fan, giving an impression that she took her life herself, according to police officials who have shifted Naila’s body to a local hospital for the sake of investigation.

Department officials informed that Naila was a position-holder student in her final-year at the university.

“We have started looking into every aspect of the case by taking Naila’s mobile phone into our custody. We are also getting details from her close friends,” said SHO Jamshoro Tahir Mughal.

As per a study, girls all over the world including Pakistan are under more stress and making suicide attempts as signs of extreme distress.

However, it is a global issue generally and the leading cause of death in the world claiming lives of around one million people every year.


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