Friday, August 19, 2022

Power crisis to end by 2017/2018, says PM Nawaz


PM Nawaz Sharif, addressing the inaugural ceremony of Pakistan’s first solar power project here in Bahawalpur, said that that the federal government will work day and night for betterment of the country.

“There is no personal interest in the development projects of the country”, he said.

PM Sharif added that the power and gas shortage in the country has to be resolved. He added the poverty has to be addressed and the law and order situation has to be improved.

“We need resources for resolving the problems of the country”, he said.

He hoped that the industries will work and country will develop. He added that the world media is also appreciating the economic development of the country.

The premier stated that good things should be appreciated. Sharif said that $46 billion investment is taking place in Pakistan for the first time in its history.

“No one was beleiving us until the Chinese President Xi Jinping signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) on his tour to Pakistan”, he said.

“We will make joint ventures with China so that the projects are completed within the given time. No such agreements were signed before and the projects were left incomplete”, he added.

“Democracy is delivering and civil servants are working which will be a lesson for all”, Sharif said.

The prime minister claimed that all he saw was sand dunes when he came here last year. He added that a sea of solar panels has been formed in the area and it will be the biggest solar plant of the world.

“This solar plant will give a new perception to Pakistan once the industries start working in this area”, PM said.

He also spoke about the upcoming power projects of the country.

Nawaz Sharif also said that LNG plants will provide 3,600 megawatt electricity to the national power grid.

“We made the motorway which was completed in a record time. The construction of Karachi to Lahore motorway will also start soon as well”, Sharif said.

The Pakistani premier added that the areas which were hit by terrorism have been cleared and the credit goes to the armed forces.

“The interior problems have to be resolved as well. Extortion and kidnapping for ransom has ended in Karachi and the metropolis will soon become the city of lights again”, PM said.

The prime minister also said that electricity has to be provided to the nation at cheaper costs. He added that the per unit power costs were reduced by five rupees in the past two months.

He added that the federal government will discuss the wind and solar projects in its next meeting.

He further said that 3,000 laborers worked on this project in which 800 have been permanently hired. He announced cash reward of two crores for the workers.

He added Pak-China friendship is a clear evidence of true friendship.


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