Thursday, June 24, 2021

PR report says 455 train accidents claimed 270 lives in past three years


LAHORE: A report furnished by the Pakistan Railways in the wake of the Ghotki incident earlier Monday said since the year 2018 there have been 270 casualties in about 455 various train accidents to have eventuated since 2018, ARY News reported.

In the 2018-21 report sent earlier today to the federal railways ministry by railways headquarter, the total number of accidents, since the incumbent government assumed power, have been 455 claiming 270 lives and causing 396 to suffer injuries.

In the year 2018, total of 131 train accidents claimed 39 deaths all over the country with 64 ending up wounded. Followed by 159 train incidents happening in 2019 which claimed 134 lives and 63 injuries.


In the next year, 2020, the railways department conceded 135 untoward events killing 56 lives and injuring 142 more people.

For the ongoing year 2021, there have been 30 accidents already, while the year has to reach its middle, which claimed 41 lives.

The worst of all accidents has been 2019 Lahore event where Tez Gam caught fire and as a result 73 people were killed.

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It may be noted that With more than 30 people losing their lives in yet another train incident in Ghotki today, it emerged that Railway officials have previously issued reports declaring the track unsafe.

A handout issued almost a week back by Deputy Superintendent (DS) of Railways Sukkur to CEO Railways highlighted the dangers posed to the trains from the Sukkur track.

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Earlier today At least 50 people lost their lives and 70 others sustained injuries as Sir Syed Express train collided with a Millat Express between Reti and Daharki railway stations in Ghotki

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