Wednesday, August 17, 2022

WATCH: Cow begs before slaughterhouse staff to be spared


In a touching scene captured on camera at a slaughterhouse, a pregnant cow is seen kneeling and crying before the staffers to spare it from being slaughtered.

The video of the incident which was shot and posted by a slaughterhouse worker at a Chinese social media site proved to be a blessing for the female cow as people donated upto £2,700 to the butcher house’ owner to free her.

The video shows the cow, thought to be pregnant, bending both front legs and refusing to walk, seemingly with tears in its eyes.

It was earlier transported to an abattoir in Shantou in Guangdong Province of China, and during the entire process, it acted, in the same way, several times.

“After it arrived at the slaughterhouse and when the butcher tried to drag it off the truck and into the house to be butchered, it knelt and kept crying,” an insider at the slaughterhouse was quoted as saying in a Chinese media outlet.

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However, the cow was later spared from being butchered after the owner was paid the amount for the cow, collected from a social media call that garnered £2,700.

In another video shared on social media, the cow was also seen thanking while kneeling on its legs before the strangers including the driver, who was shifting it to a shelter.


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