Sunday, May 22, 2022

Main suspect in Alisha’s murder arrested from Peshawar


The transgender was shot in the jurisdiction of Faqirabad Police Station. The suspected shooter was identified as Fazal Gujjar who is a resident of Ram Kishan area.

ASP Faqirabad Waseem Riaz, speaking on the occasion, said that law enforcement agencies arrested the suspect on Saturday from Qazi Kallay area of Peshawar.


The police officer added that the alleged killer was hiding in a room during the raid.  He added that Gujjar had lived in Badhber area before coming to Qazi Kallay.


Riaz went on to say that the suspect and the deceased had a scuffle at a matrimonial event during which Alisha hit him on his head with a glass and tore his clothes. ASP added that the transgender was killed in revenge for that.

“People were taunting Gujjar that a transgender person had beaten him up,” SSP Operations said. The police officer stated that five people in connection with the murder were arrested by the law enforcement agencies.


He said that Gujjar had admitted confessed killing Alisha and he was solely responsible for his actions.


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