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‘It was all spontaneous’: Priya Prakash Varrier breaks silence over viral video


“It was all spontaneous, nothing was pre-planned,” says Internet’s latest crush Priya Prakash Varrier about the 26-second clip which made her a star overnight.

Priya Prakash, whose short clip has broken the internet since the release of “Manikya Malaraya Poovi”, a song from an upcoming Malayalam movie “Oru Adaar Love” is all over your Facebook News-feed and surely needs no introduction.


The 18-year old has won the heart of millions with her cute expressions in the song’s video and the clip has gone viral making Priya, an aspiring actress, internet’s latest crush.

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In an interview with an Indian news channel, the Malayalam actress spoke candidly about the song, her expressions, the sudden fame and her future plans in the entertainment industry.

An 18-year old trained in classical dance and singing, Priya revealed that “Oru Adaar Love” is her first big break as she has only done three short movies before.

About the overnight fame, she said she wasn’t even aware about her clip going viral until her friends told her about it and still doesn’t know how to handle all the attention she is getting on social media.

“I didn’t check my Instagram and all (other social media accounts), my friends kept updating me about it (the sudden rise in the number of followers), like Priya it crossed 1 million, now 2 million,” said the actress who now has more than two million followers of Instagram and also had her Facebook page verified today.

Priya, who is from Thrissur, Kerala, also revealed what she was actually trying to convey through her expressions and the wink which left everyone smitten.

The 26-second sequence saw Priya responding to her co-actor’s gestures and winking in the end.

About how did she initiate the first wink as “usually girls are not supposed to do that”, she said that this was a “brave move” but not something out of the ordinary.

“There is nothing like that girls should not wink, why should boys have all the fun?” asked the young actress.

She was of the view that girls should be free to choose whatever they want in their life but when the interviewer asked if there was a “political message” in her expressions she maintained that it was just what the director asked her to do.

The 18-year old has some solid future plans and is probably eyeing a Hindi cinema break.

“I would like to continue acting only, I will take my studies and singing along, and would like to go to different industries and do a bunch of good movies,” said Priya Prakash when asked about her future plans.

Answering a question, Priya also revealed that she has received a call from a Bollywood director but will not do any other movie until “Oru Adaar Love” is released.

To capitalize on the success of the song, the makers of the musical released a teaser of the movie which is set for an Eid day release.



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